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Since I don’t use Twitter:

The problem with conservatism today is that it simultaneously advocates for a return to a traditional pre-capitalist social order while also advocating for a bleeding-edge high tech capitalist market economy, complete with “creative destruction” of entire industries and a highly mobile, compliant and well-educated workforce.

One of the worst and most destructive aspects of neoliberalism is that it offloads risk entirely onto the lone individual. This drastically contributes to generational inequality because we don’t all start out with anywhere near the same capacity to absorb risk due to our differing family circumstances.

For all the talk about how dysfunctional government is and how it can’t do anything right–from Covid testing to unemployment insurance–the institutions that primarily serve the interests of the wealthy have been working just fine, and have continued to work just fine throughout the entire multi-decade era of so-called “small government” (surveillance, shipping ports, the legal system, police, the banking system, the Federal Reserve, etc.)

The whole clipping coupons, limited-time-only sales, and scouring around for “deals” that comprises modern retail shopping was the original “gamification” of something. Now we acquire points every time we buy stuff. If only other more pro-social aspects of our lives were as easily gamified.

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  1. “If only other more pro-social aspects of our lives were as easily gamified.”

    I believe the Chinese have an app for that… please accept these Social Credit points!

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